Perenco is currently the only oil company operating in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Since 2000, the company has invested heavily in new wells and has demonstrated on a daily basis the know-how and ingenuity of its teams in a very isolated context.

Production 2018 25,000BOEPD 5millions scf/d


Perenco operates 11 fields onshore and offshore in the DRC with an average production of 25,000 BOEPD. The onshore drilling programme started in 2002 and allowed the commissioning of about 25 wells per year.

The total gross production is routed to the Kalamu floating terminal with a storage capacity of 1 million barrels of oil.

In 2017 Perenco optimised its drilling rig (Balor 25) thus resuming the drilling of the onshore wells in a cost-effective manner. This success has continued offshore with the successful conversion of gas-lift wells into pumped wells. Studies on the reservoirs have also permitted to increase the offshore water injection to maintain the reservoir pressure. Therefore, Perenco has remediated the natural decline of its fields and maintained its production level at 12,000.

Perenco is actively engaged in promoting transparency in the sector of energetic resources, as a member of the ITIE-DRC Executive Committee (Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative).

Perenco, as a leading economic player, supports many CSR actions in the fields of education and healthcare, and provides for the water and electricity needs of the 200,000 inhabitants of Muanda. The company is also involved in a major agroforestry project, with the aim of promoting self-sufficiency for the local communities. Finally, Perenco has developed facilities for the processing of its waste, in particular with a plastic recovery unit that produces paving slabs.





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