Job Description

Job Description



Field Manager

Field Manager

The Field Manager (or Head of site) reports to the Operations Manager all events of the site and follows production
parameters with the Production Supervisor. They also supervise well tests and all operations on wells and is in
charge of counting and analyzing fluids while optimizing field production.

Responsible for production installations integrity

The Field Manager oversees maintenance of site equipment in correspondence with maintenance supervisors on
site and at base and proposes improvements while supervising works.They are also in charge of optimization and
management of equipment use on the field. They follow the application of the Condition monitoring plan.

Responsible for safety of personnel, operations and installations

The Field Manager adheres to health and safety regulations and environmental preservation during operations and
supervises operations on and supervises safety drills and safety training of staff.

Responsible for site logistics

They manage supply and purchase orders and coordinate the logistic means on site.

They represent the Company on site and supervises staff including suppliers and contractors.

Are in charge of relations with others services of subsidiary and the base.

Offshore Terminal Superintendent

Offshore Terminal Superintendent

The Offshore Terminal Superintendent (OTS) is in charge of the compliance of floating storage
units in accordance with international regulations.

The OTS is in charge of all operations relating to the Offshore Terminal: cargo operations and maintenance including
staff training, health and safety, environment and operational procedures.

The terminal includes the Storage Unit, buoy, flexible hoses and hawsers.

  • Responsible for coordinating international regulation relating to oil terminals.
  • In charge of storage unit classification follow-up (hull and machinery). He organizes within the subsidiary
    the required ship inspections with authorities and class.
  • Updates all operational and safety procedures of the Terminal.

The OTS is responsible for planning, organizing and controlling all Terminal activities ensuring loading and
offloading operationscomply with Group recommendations :

  • Ensures the implementation of all cargo operations (Crude transfer, Crude Oil Washing, inert Gas system and ballasting)
  • Supervises deck and cargo crew and coordinates engine maintenance with the Field Manager
  • Monitors the procurement relating to the Terminal
  • Can be assigned to the preparation and the supervision of ship structure works on the subsidiary units
Business development

Business development

The Business Development department in Perenco contributes to the growth and
the consolidation within existing regions and countries.

The other objective of the department is to look for opportunities of acquisitions in new countries and regions
based ontheir proximity to Perenco's existing operations and other inherent synergies.
The Business Development team also work to extend and maintain relationships in the oil & gas industry.
The other aim is to monitor industry activity in general to identify potential future opportunities and
attempt to proactively generate exclusive opportunities

Jobs : Business Coordinator, Acquisitions Manager, Analyst



Discovering tomorrow's reserves

The Exploration team can have a direct and significant impact on the growth of the Company.

Perenco has two themes to the Exploration strategy: the first based on accessing transformational,
high-value growth opportunities, and the second seeking to optimise Perenco-owned infrastructure
by targeting near-field exploration opportunities.This is undertaken by developing a deep
understanding of the basins,hydrocarbon systems and plays that underpin the search for exploration prospects

With the significant increase of Perenco's drilling activity there are a number of challenges for example, since 2010 in Middle East.
Exploration team needs to be in a position to support this significant increase in activity,
and most importantly be in a position to respond and reposition the Company as results come in and understanding increases.
This requires integrating results into the description of the basin, hydrocarbons systems and plays,
while working with the operations team and the Subsidiary to ensure the programme is safe and efficient.

Jobs : Exploration Geophysicist, Exploration Geologist, Exploration Geoscientist



The Drilling Department is in charge of the support and control of all drilling projects in Perenco and
makes sure that an appropriate and continuous quality control is done on all drilling operations carried out
in Perenco either under or not under the direct responsibility of the Drilling Department.

The Drilling Department also assists the Business Development team for the evaluation of new acquisitions.

Each well is drilled safely to protect Perenco or Contractor staff from any danger and to protect the environment.
Therefore, the Drilling Department works closely with the Health & Safety team to improve the process.

Jobs : Drilling Engineer, Completion Engineer, Well Services, Company Man...



The Marine department plays an essential role in the maintenance of all marine installations of the group Perenco.

Paris-based, the team supervises the management of the integrity of the oil terminals.

Is in association with subsidiaries and sites to develop them and improve
the follow-up but also to provide necessary technical support.

The main mission of the Marine department is to oversee the technical, statutory and
budgetary aspects of the maintenance of the marine installations of the group. Also :

  • Technical supervision of installations, especially hull and structures
  • Participation in maintenance projects and terminal construction
  • Supervision of shipyard repairs

Jobs : Offshore Terminal Superintendent, Marine Engineer, Pumpman, Diver...



Production Department's new missions:

  • Surface & Subsurface
  • Provide technical support to the subsidiaries
  • Analyze surface and subsurface issues & propose solutions for production optimization
  • Provide Group expertise on specific projects
  • Perform interventions on specific problems in partnership with the subsidiaries
  • Promote onsite training
  • Validate production figures

Jobs : Petroleum Engineer, Reservoir Engineer, Process Engineer, Chemist specialist...


Recently, proposals for employment made by false organisations claiming to work for Perenco, or by individuals claiming to work or be affiliated with Perenco, have been reported. These propositions notify the applicant that their qualifications are suitable for the position as an employee (local or expatriate) for Perenco and request the transfer of a sum of money to pay for work permits and insurance policies, etc. Please note that Perenco (nor any of the recruitment agencies we work with) will never ask candidates to pay any fees whatsoever at any point in the recruitment process. The main clues to spot such communications are: - non-Perenco e-mail addresses (e.g. from a address) - the use of a poor English - or, money being requested to the candidate during the recruitment process. We recommend that you do not respond to unsolicited job offer or offers from unknown people.