The most efficient way is to consult the section Positions available. You can apply by a job advertisements or with a spontaneous application, by going to the section ?unsolicited application? and specifying the desired country.
Response time
You will receive an immediate confirmation message "Thank you, your application has been received and is being processed". All your contact information, profile and CV are made available to the recruiter handling that position in Perenco Group.
If your application meets our initial criteria, you will progress to the next stage of our selection process.
Your profile will also be retained in our recruiting database for possible matches against future open positions. If your application does not meet our initial criteria, you will not be considered further for that specific job. However, your profile will be kept in our recruiting database for 12 months unless you state otherwise.
All the applications are handled by the HR services of the Group. If you were not contacted again within four to five weeks, you can consider that your application was not successful. If your application interests us but does not answer an identified need: we inform you that your application will be kept in our Talent bank.
This deadline corresponds to that of the Headquarters of the Group in France and it can vary according to countries and subsidiaries. The subsidiaries of Perenco are independant for the majority of their recruitments. Most of the Perenco subsidiaries have access to the website Perenco Careers and can thus publish their offers and receive applications from the site.
Talent bank
Data and information collected by the HR Team at Perenco are strictly for internal usage and will only be used only within the framework of the procedures of recruitment at Perenco.
According to data protection principle, we keep the application files which are sent to us for a duration of one year, with the consent of the interested who can, at any stage, state a change in their situation or state that they no longer wish to appear in our Talent Bank.