We consider that safety is everyone's responsibility.

Anticipate risks, introduce each employee to the rules of hygiene, health, safety and respect for the environment.

QSHE Engineer

The QSHE Engineer's role is to assist our operational departments in the anticipation and prevention of personal, environmental and operational accidents.

In strategics terms, he coordinates the actions, shares feedbacks, contributes to the design of facilities and provides clear reporting to define the best possible technical and organizational guidance.

In operational terms, he works to define a tailored prevention framework. He ensures that our installations are safe, introduces preventive measures and trains staff on risk awareness.


In order to effectively exercise his function, the QSHE Engineer has a broad technical background and knowledge in mechanics, electricity and logistic transports.

QSHE Field Coordinator

The QSHE Field Coordinator ensures prevention measures on our sites. He is responsible for the quality of risk management; and disseminates good practice by developing direct technical assistance, training sessions and organizes emergency exercises.

In order to fully carry out his mission, the QSHE Field Coordinator should have site experience and should be familiar with the basics of offshore and onshore oil exploitation. In addition, he should have basic skills in mechanics, electricity and logistic transports; and be able to supervise and train teams.

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