Guaranteeing the sustainability of the infrastructure to ensure production: Maintenance is at the heart of the company's know-how.

The proper functioning of all our facilities is a key importance for the company. Our maintenance team covers mechanics, electricity and instrumentation. They intervene preventively and curatively in order to ensure consistency of our production and guarantee the success of our operations.


Electrical Supervisor

You will be responsible of the electrical generators of the site and control the power stations and electrical production equipment (turbines, alternators). You will also be in charge the maintenance of high and low voltage networks, as well as the installations that have electric motors.

Mechanical Supervisor

You are an expert in general mechanics which maintain the pumps and generators of the sites entrusted to you. Significant experience in the maintenance of rotating machines is also helpful, to ensure the sustainable availability of turbines and compressors present on our operating sites.

Instrumentation Supervisor

You are an expert in terms of equipment regulation, specifically pneumatics. You also have acquired knowledge and solid experience in terms of metrology, a range of safety equipment’s (including valves), solutions in case of a breakdown, and rotating machines (turbine, compressor, pump). In order to accompany Perenco on innovative projects, you master modern techniques such as automation and programming.

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