The IT department is in charge of organising and managing the group infrastructure and IT systems on four continents. Perenco has always chosen to integrate all IT skills internally in order to offer all our collaborators (and more particularly operational teams) a responsive and efficient service. IT plays a full part in group acquisitions, which provide an opportunity for our IT engineers and specialists to enrich their expertise and show their know-how while securing the group's scalability.

Managing IT for a group established in 15 countries

The main role of the IT department is to manage the group infrastructure, i.e. the network, the information system and the Intranet. Today, Perenco employs approximately 6,000 collaborators spread over 15 countries on more than 100 sites, which altogether produce over 465,000 barrels per day.

IT strives to ensure that each and every collaborator independently of the location, may be able to access the network and all the professional applications.

Accompany the acquisition strategy

Perenco has a permanent acquisition strategy to secure the company's growth. One of the company's strengths on which its reputation has been built, is the fast speed with which we can take over a field without disrupting its production. To accompany these acquisitions, IT operates completely upstream, demonstrating all of its know-how. For our teams it is about auditing the existing infrastructure so as to offer a solution compatible with our models by capitalising on synergies identified during preparation assignments. The stakes are both the connection of the new subsidiary to the whole group and the recovery of applications or data, as well as the integration of existing industrial networks into the company infrastructure.

In addition to operational challenges, we must also (today more than ever) take into account the European or global regulation regarding cyber-security. Despite well-established acquisition methods, each acquisition remains unique and represents a real challenge for the IT team.

Merging all the skills

One of Perenco's specificity is to have managed to internalise all our IT services, contrary to the current trend that promotes outsourcing and cloud use.

This means that the infrastructure knowledge and processes belongs to us only and allows us to provide real support to operating teams with the best possible level of responsiveness.

This operating mode is a real challenge and constantly drives us to acquire new skills.

Favouring versatile profiles

The team at headquarters is composed of engineers and IT specialists. All work closely with our subsidiaries to offer the best possible IT solutions in terms of responsiveness, needs and also cost-effectiveness. The diversity of our profiles facilitates discussions and helps us embrace challenges in their entirety.

We find the optimum solution and we challenge the whole team towards one same objective.

IT teams design the technical solution which is first tested and validated in its labs before being installed on site. Then they provide implementation support and long-term maintenance. This creates a virtuous circle, which allows us to approach things differently from the initial conception stage.