Geosciences are by essence multidisciplinary, from data collection and analysis to monitoring drilling campaigns, while the multicultural environment at Perenco offers a considerable range of projects in a constantly moving, human-size company. Studying a deposit is a team work that brings together geophysicists, geologists and deposit engineers among other professionals.

Multidisciplinary teams

Geosciences bring together several professions to try to understand what is happening underground, what has happened and what will happen, and to position future drainage and injection points, estimate reserves and identify the work to be carried out on wells.

Geophysicists try to reconstitute the subsoil image by means of seismic prospection to model and characterise reservoirs. Geologists observe and make assumptions to explain the rock deposition history and deformations in order to understand the current layout. Reservoir engineers study the dynamics of the different fluids flow within a producing field to determine how to best operate it.

Alongside them, two other professionals help optimising Geoscience work. Petrophysicists gather and analyse the physical measurements collected in wells; and Petroleum Engineers work at well level to optimise their production.

Together they put forward development plans to the drilling and work-over teams. Finally a headquarters team fully dedicated to technical services manages specialised data and software to support geosciences and help them work most effectively.

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Integrated skills

One of Perenco's specificities is how the company has successfully combined all these disciplines together. Pooling our respective works and confronting studies and ideas helps limiting risks and obtaining the most pertinent picture possible of a field while reducing uncertainties. All these studies are carried out within a short multi-project cycle that works like an internal study bureau.

At headquarters we have a double mission: provide turnkey studies and validate the projects put forward by our subsidiaries. Our teams are spread between London where job managers and more than 50 collaborators are brought together; and Paris where a small team of petrophysicist is closer to operational teams - especially drilling and projects.

Merging these skills and being very close to operational management constitute a real competitive advantage.

Each subsidiary also has a geoscience team to monitor and optimise our operating wells. From the operational core, these teams send new data collected on-site to headquarters, so that different models can be refined and updated.

Ever-changing professions and internal expertise

Our various professions keep evolving as a result of technological progress and in particular thanks to the improvement in computer calculating capabilities.

This is particularly the case in geophysics. Today the power of mathematical processing makes it possible to add-value on old data previously acquired through regular reprocessing carried-out every three to five years, which permits to obtain new, clearer and finer images.

This also requires regular new seismic acquisitions to obtain even better quality data, which will in turn be reprocessed several times in the following years.

Employé RDC Perenco Employé RDC Perenco

Over the past few years we have started internalising some of the expert services commonly offered by service companies, for example acquiring well logging or mud logging during drilling.

The internalisation of new skills represents a real dynamic for the company and triggers the recruitment of new collaborators while allowing us to improve our independence, our reactivity and our cost efficiency.

Atypical career pathways

At Perenco, in Geoscience like in the other departments, we favour a transversal career progression.

Some of our collaborators want to develop multiple skills, as we have recently seen in two cases. One of a senior geologist with over ten years of experience who started a new course to train as a deposit engineer; and the other one of an also very experienced deposit engineer, who went on-site to work in production. His dual skills will ultimately be an incredible asset.

Developing new skills and expertise is part of Perenco’s logic to encourage the plurality of career pathways. By doing so, we ensure that oil truly does remain an adventure!