Join an innovative team involved in each drilling, exploration and development campaign of the company.  

Our teams are in charge of all the company’s exploration and development drilling campaigns and are very concerned by safety and environmental regulations. They also support all of our wells and have for objective of maintaining the level of production.

Drilling Engineer

Drilling Engineers, at Perenco, begin their career on our fields in order to understand the complexity of our operations and what is asked of them.

They are assigned on rotation to rigs, before pursuing their career in one of our 14 subsidiaries or at the Paris office, where they design, develop and support our drilling campaigns.

Workover / Well Services Supervisor

The workover/well services Supervisor supervises all well-drilling interventions throughout their lifespan. These can include maintenance, repair or optimizing operations.


Company Man

The Company man monitors continuously the drilling and workover rigs; supervises the smooth running of operations; and the achievement of operational and planning objectives.

They are building Perenco, discover their journey #PerencoStories.