The Drilling Department is in charge of the support and control of all drilling projects in Perenco and
makes sure that an appropriate and continuous quality control is done on all drilling operations carried out
in Perenco either under or not under the direct responsibility of the Drilling Department.

The Drilling Department also assists the Business Development team for the evaluation of new acquisitions.

Each well is drilled safely to protect Perenco or Contractor staff from any danger and to protect the environment.
Therefore, the Drilling Department works closely with the Health & Safety team to improve the process.

Jobs : Drilling Engineer, Completion Engineer, Well Services, Company Man...



Recently, proposals for employment made by false organisations claiming to work for Perenco, or by individuals claiming to work or be affiliated with Perenco, have been reported. These propositions notify the applicant that their qualifications are suitable for the position as an employee (local or expatriate) for Perenco and request the transfer of a sum of money to pay for work permits and insurance policies, etc. Please note that Perenco (nor any of the recruitment agencies we work with) will never ask candidates to pay any fees whatsoever at any point in the recruitment process. The main clues to spot such communications are: - non-Perenco e-mail addresses (e.g. from a address) - the use of a poor English - or, money being requested to the candidate during the recruitment process. We recommend that you do not respond to unsolicited job offer or offers from unknown people.