Cultivating out difference

On a daily basis Perenco operates its own assets, whether marginal fields, new developments or complex projects. Our difference shows in our unique shareholding of the company, our global approach to each individual problem, our responsiveness, and our ability to deliver the right tool at the right time and at the right price for the best productive and economic result.

This year we started operating the East Orovinyare field in Gabon, which shows our ability to meet new technical challenges with an original and efficient approach. 

Discover EOV operation
Benoit-de-la-Fouchardiere-Perenco Benoit-de-la-Fouchardiere-Perenco

Similarly our entry into Trinidad and Tobago, one of the oldest oil-producing countries with a complex geology, confirms our determination to grow without any technical or geographical limit by identifying where our know-how can make the difference.

Confirming our independence

The continuation of our strategy requires to challenge industry practices. This approach is even more important in a competitive context in full evolution following the latest downturn that affected the market.

Against the cycle we have re-launched our investments, reshaped our model and integrated new activities. Our new FPSO project La Noumbi is thereby representative of our ability to identify the most suitable solution to answer a specific problem. 

Anticipating and diversifying our activities

As a mature field specialist we are particularly concerned by the dismantling of our oil platforms. These operations are true challenges at logistical, ecological and economic levels. We already have integrated this know-how and carried-out several dismantling operations in the North Sea

In terms of development gas represents a real opportunity, whether in the form of gas sales for the generation of local power, or for domestic gas for the country’s needs, or LNG for export purposes. Perenco is not only capable of making a minor isolated field profitable, the company can also showcase technical solutions that are first of their kind in the world.

Fostering fulfilling careers

Beyond everything else, Perenco is about men and women with assertive personalities coming from all backgrounds. In the company, both in subsidiaries and headquarters, we are strongly committed to promoting the acquisition of skills, access to responsibilities and operational experience. Our aim is to offer to every single collaborator the career that is right for him or her, by promoting atypical and enriching professional pathways. This is reflected in the portraits' gallery on our site.