Our success lies in our proximity with our fields, in tackling their challenges.

Perenco aims towards developing its operational excellency; mobility is therefore a major challenge for the Group. To meet innovative and ambitious challenges, we rely on men and women who are eager to discover new cultural and professional environments, and want to share a new way of working.

Our employees share the same qualities in terms of adaptability and respect each other, as much as the Group’s fundamental values.

Perenco is operational in 14 different countries across the world. From Northern Europe to Africa, through to Central and Latin America and South-East Asia, with onshore and offshore sites. These locations are an opportunity to develop an international career. Our teams present in the subsidiaries are either expatriates, or on site on a rotation basis. Our facilities that operate continuously require permanent supervision, and therefore rotating periods of continuous work and holidays.

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PERENCO International mobility

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