The story of Perenco started in 1975 with Hubert Perrodo. Since that date the independent oil and gas company has known a constant evolution with a strong development policy. Today the expansion strategy of Perenco continues with François Perenco.


The Ascension of the Group Continues

The oil and gas company acquires Repsol’s offshore assets of Teak, Samaan and Poui in Trinidad and Tobago and the South of Pointe-Noire Grands Fonds in Congo. Still in 2016 Perenco re-launched drilling campaigns in the United Kingdom, Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Gabon, Turkey, Tunisia and Colombia.


Perenco Acquires Mature Fields

After Bloc 67 in Peru the Group also produced the first oil from the fields of Su Tu Nau and Su Tu Vang South-West in Vietnam. In the same year Perenco acquired the onshore assets of Petrobas in Colombia.



A Pioneer in Cameroon and Peru

Perenco carried out the delivery of the first commercial gas from the Sanaga field in Cameroon. That same year Perenco produced the first oil in Bloc 67 in Peru.


Acquisitions continue

The oil and gas company acquires shares in three permits in Vietnam.
Perenco acquires SGA assets in the United Kingdom in the same year. Entry of PVEP in block 67 in Peru.


Perenco Wins Two Sustainable Development Awards

Perenco acquired assets from Wytch Farm in the Dorset region of the United Kingdom and completed its acquisition of Rio del Rey in Cameroon.
In parallel, the Social Project in Peru won the 2011 Sustainable Development Award. The agricultural and fallow land management scheme developed by Perenco Peru and the indigenous communities of San Rafael and Nuevo Libertad also received the same Prize, which was awarded by the National Society of Mining, Petroleum and Energy, as one of the most outstanding and innovative environmental projects of the year.


First Global Acquisitions

Perenco started to build a global portfolio of assets acquired in Gabon, Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Colombia, the Southern North Sea, Turkey, Tunisia, Venezuela and Guatemala… The Group also developed assets in Egypt and Peru…


Creation of Techfor

In parallel with the acquisition of drilling company Techfor, the Group built a fleet of drilling and self-elevating platforms, submerged barges and onshore platforms.


Foundation of Perenco by Hubert Perrodo (1944-2006)

The Group started its operations in the oil and gas industry in 1975 in Singapore as a maritime service company.
A few years later the group already provided supply vessels, labour barges and tugs to exploration and production companies in South-East Asia and in the Persian Gulf. Perenco quickly diversified its activities in oil storage and service barges.